Tank Storage

At the start of our storage activities in 2016, we stored fuel oil. Since then, our storage capacity grew from 48,000 cbm to 160,000 cbm and our state of the art facility is suited for fuel oil and gas oil

Oil storage
Oil products (such as crude oil, gasoline, naphtha, diesel and fuel oil) are mainly stored in large-size tanks.

Chemical storage
Chemical products (such as methanol, xylene, MEG and styrene) are typically stored in smaller tank sizes. Chemical products often require specific storage conditions such as controlled temperature conditions or atmospheres. LPG is a highly flammable product and is stored in refrigerated tanks at about minus 40°C or in bullets under high pressure.

Biofuels and vegetable oils storage
Biofuels and vegetable oils: bio-ethanol is often stored in the same size tanks as chemicals and requires similar specific tank storage conditions. Bio-diesel and vegetable oils are often stored in the same size tanks with less restricted storage conditions than chemicals.

LNG storage
LNG is stored in specially-designed full containment large tanks and is cooled at atmospheric pressure to about minus 160°C.